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Friday, April 15, 2011

Salman Khan irate with Ranbir Kapoor over Katrina Kaif!

Salman Khan irate with Ranbir Kapoor over Katrina Kaif!: Salman Khan could now be seeing Katrina Kaif anymore, but that doesn't mean he'll overlook those who damage her! Still defensive concerning his ex-flare, Salman Khan is not just wrathful with Ranbir Kapoor but, as a matter of fact, is all the more going out of his approach to make things demanding for him.

It appears that Ranbir'

s well known comment about him never having dated Katrina didn't run down too well with Salman, who is now attempting to get the film industry to blacklist the fellow.

"It all started when the Katrina Kaif-RK undertaking began. Anyway Sallu won't accept there was any truth to it. Ranbir's familiar articulation to a news channel that he was never dating Kat angered Khan. It is accepted that this has harmed Kaif," an origin told Mid Day.

"There are quieted whispers in the industry that SK is sending sensors to his producer associates like Bhushan Kumar and Sajid Nadiadwala not to throws RK for their films," the cause united.

Inquire Oberoi if Salman Khan overlooks and neglects! Thus, will the same happen to Ranbir's vocation also or will he succumb to the force? Figure, we'll actually need to hold up and view!

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