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Friday, January 20, 2012

Why was Katrina Kaif in a bad mood at the Screen Awards?

Why was Katrina Kaif in a bad mood at the Screen Awards?: The actor, who performed with Shahrukh Khan at the recently held awards show, was seen sulking through the event

What does it take to get an award show to be a success? A good jury? Good sponsors? No, not really. All you actually need is a huge line-up of stars! The recently held Colors Screen Awards was definitely a star studded show. It had the three top female actors- Vidya Balan, Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra – performing with just one male star: Shahrukh Khan. Then of course there was Shahid Kapoor, Chitrangda and Anushka Sharma doing the jiggy thing too. While everybody looked quite happy at the event, one person retired to her vanity van as soon as she got off the stage after her performance and was seen hanging around the lounge area for a while too. The actor in question is none other than Ms Katrina Kaif.

I am sure that if you managed to catch a glimpse of the actor during the show you might have wondered why she was in such a bad mood. No, it’s not because of the kiss that SRK planted on her cheek. The actor was annoyed because she felt ignored by the awards organizers, we hear. A source who was present at the event told us that Kat had supported the organizers by agreeing to be present and perform, but she was very disappointed to learn that her contemporaries were walking away with the awards while she wasn’t even taking home one trophy.

Kareena Kapoor didn’t attend the function and she wasn’t expected to win anything. The other top stars who were present though were sent back home with a statuette. Vidya Balan received the Best Actress award (as was expected), while Priyanka Chopra walked away with the Best Actress in a Negative Role honour. And, quite surprisingly, Deepika Padukone was awarded Best Actress in the Popular category for Desi Boyz. That seemed like a nail in the coffin for the actor, wethinks, as she was hoping to be acknowledged for carrying Mere Brother Ki Dulhan single-handedly on her pretty shoulders. Well, Kat, no point sulking. Either go the Aamir Khan way and stay out of the prize limelight, or just get used to the big bad world of awards shows!
Well, we’ve often caught Katrina Kaif in her glum moods and sometimes in happy ones too. Here’s what we think she’s been thinking!

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