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Monday, March 12, 2012

Army declined new ISI chief link to Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan

Army declined new ISI chief link to Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan: The Inter Services Public Relations(ISPR) has denied reports that the revamped ISI chief-usual designate Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam was remotely identified with Bollywood performing artist Shahrukh Khan. The Times of India had reported that the brand new ISI chief shared a tenuous connection to Shahrukh Khan.

The article had in addition stated that the unique ISI boss is the nephew of Indian National Armed force champion Shah Nawaz Khan, while character Shahrukh Khan's late mother Lateef Fatima was Shah Nawaz's received girl.

Pakistan Armed force spokesperson Maj-Gen Athar Abbas prevented the article from securing the connection with Shahrukh Khan as inaccurate. He did not remark on the spymaster being a nephew of Shah Nawaz.

Islam's father served as a brigadier in the Pakistan Armed force and Shah Nawaz, who was a major-overall in the INA, was his uncle, heading Pakistani defence expert Ikram Sehgal told Press Trust of India.

Shah Rukh Khan's late mother Lateef Fatima was the received loved one of Shah Nawaz, the PTI had stated.

Islam, who was yesterday named the late head of the compelling spy office, originates from a military house and was born in Rawalpindi. It might not instantly be discovered in case Islam had ever met Shah Nawaz, who expired in 1983.

Shah Nawaz served in the British Indian Guard in the midst of Planet War II. He was caught in 1942 then afterward united the INA.

Shah Nawaz was caught by the British and put on trial with alternate INA officers in 1946. They were indicted for treason but were released unpaid to force from the general population.

He later united the Congress gathering and was chosen to the Lok Sabha four times.

Preceeding the time when Islam's arrangement as the ISI boss, some media reports had inferred that Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan's uncle Maj-Gen Isfandyar Ali Khan Pataudi, an agent executive blanket in the spy bureau, was in the running for the top opening. Yet, origins told PTI that Pataudi was never perceived as a solemn contender for the post of ISI head.

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